Asset Management, Maintenance Operations, and Disaster Assessment

Our Asset Management and Maintenance Group provides services focused on keeping infrastructure functioning as it should throughout it’s useful lifespan. Whether compiling data to create a routine maintenance program or responding in the hours after a natural disaster to assess infrastructure damage, our team is dedicated to helping our clients keep their transportation investments functional and safe for users.

Services include:

  • Maintenance Condition Surveying and Assessment
  • Asset Inventory Data Collection and Assessment
  • Resurfacing Contract Development
  • Maintenance Operation Inspection
  • Pavement Repair Solutions
  • Hydraulic Analysis/Drainage Studies
  • Bridge Inspection/Analysis/Repair
  • Emergency Planning
  • Debris Monitoring
  • FHWA/FEMA Documentation
  • Post-Storm Services
  • Cost Estimates
  • Roadway and Structural Damage Assessments
Maintenance Condition Assessment Program (MCAP) Division 11 Resurfacing Data Collection