U-2525C, Greensboro Eastern Loop

NCDOT Project U-2525C is a segment of the Greensboro Eastern Loop which runs from US 29 westward to SR 2303 (LawndaleDrive), approximately 6 miles in length. WEI’s scope of services as the prime contractor includedroadway, hydraulics, corridormodeling, and traffic control.

The proposed project was designed to meet Interstate standards, with a typical section consisting of a 6-lane dividedroadway with a 46’ median and 70 mph design speed. The project includes thedevelopment of interchanges with US 29,SR 2523 (Yanceyville Road) and SR 2352 (Elm Street). Theproposed interchange with US 29 is a collector-distributor andthe interchanges with SR 2523 and SR2352 are partial clover designs. Proposed grade separations are located at SR 2526(Summit Avenue), SR 2359 (Lees Chapel Road), Norfolk Southern RR, North Church Street, and SR 2490(Lake JeanetteRoad).

The project included culvert survey reports for 7 new culvert crossings and 2 culvert reports for theextension of existing pipecrossings. One of the new culvert locations is located in a FEMA Flood Hazard Zone and required thepreparation of a MOApackage for submittal to North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program. As a result of a large portion ofthe project being locatedwithin a Water Supply Watershed Critical Area, stormwater best management (BMP) designs for ninehazardous spill/mediafilter basins were required to meet project environment commitments. Storm drain design, pre- andpost-outfall analysis andpermit impact drawings were also required.

During the development of construction plans, Wetherill Engineering coordinated with NCDOT ProjectsU-2525B (underconstruction) and U-2524D.


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U-2525C, Greensboro Eastern Loop
U-2525C, Greensboro Eastern Loop
U-2525C, Greensboro Eastern Loop