NC 54 Sidewalk CEI

WEI provided CEI services for the installation of 520ft of 5-foot wide, 4-inch thick sidewalk and accessible ramps along NC-54 in the Town of Morrisville. This project was federally funded. WEI provided services to monitor the contractor’s onsite construction operation and inspected materials entering into the work. WEI also kept detailed, accurate records of the contractor’s daily operations and significant events that affected the work. Additional tasks included preparing daily inspector’s reports, recording all sampling and testing, recording work completed and quantities of pay items, and ensuring the contractor abides by all erosion control and permitting requirements.

Upon completion of the construction of this LAP, WEI provided all required documentation required by the NCDOT Material & Test Unit to certify the project. This certified documentation was then combined with all documentation needed by the NCDOT Division 5 office for their review and certification. All combined documentation, records and as-built plans were then assembled and presented to the Town of Morrisville to be turned into NCDOT for reimbursement of cost.


Town of Morrisville


Morrisville, NC


NC 54 Sidewalk CEINC 54 Sidewalk CEINC 54 Sidewalk CEINC 54 Sidewalk CEI