I-40 Overpass Pedestrian Access Retrofits

This contract included a feasibility study, design, and cost estimates to retrofit bridges on six overpasses of I-40 to improve pedestrian safety. Each site was reviewed for the feasibility of providing pedestrian/bicycle access, and recommendations were made prior to proceeding to final design and let. These efforts also included assistance to determine which sites to carry forward since funding was limited(local funding was used for the design and grant monies for the construction).

WEI addressed the Council’s specific issues for aesthetics and met with the Appearance Commission for their review and comments on aesthetics. The City decided to proceed with design on three sites: BuckJones Road, Avent Ferry Road, and Rock Quarry Road. The City requested WEI work on a compressed schedule to meet deadlines in their municipal agreement

Also included were connections to greenways at several sites, investigation of the use of rail types along the bridges, sidewalk approach work, hydraulics, and associated costs. WEI conducted a preliminary survey of the approved locations, which included planimetric features, above-ground utilities, topography, and property information.

The project included structural design of jersey barriers and raised sidewalks on bridge overpasses, installation or modification of bridge railings and fencing, guardrail modifications and sidewalk installation at the bridge approaches, and any other modifications deemed necessary to provide/improve pedestrian access and safety across the project. WEI also reviewed the three sites to determine the side of the road that would minimize construction costs and ROW needs. The length of each site and typical section is as follows:

  • Avent Ferry Road – 0.41 miles, curb and gutter on sidewalk side only
  • Buck Jones Road – 0.34 miles, curb and gutter on sidewalk side only
  • Rock Quarry Road – 0.36 miles, curb and gutter on both sides with sidewalk on one side and a multi-use path on the other

The project was completed and let to construction. WEI then awarded a fourth site (Trailwood Drive) shortly thereafter, which is now completed as well. The scope of services includes feasibility studies, roadway design, surveys, right of way plats, SUE, hydraulic and stormwater design, erosion control, traffic control, permitting, utility coordination, signal design, contract specification, estimates, structural design, coordination with NCDOT, and coordination with the ongoing I-40 rehabilitation project.


Raleigh, NC


City of Raleigh


I-40 Overpass Pedestrian Access Retrofits