B-5358, Model Farm Road Bridge Replacement

This project involved topographical surveys, roadway, hydraulics, structures, planning, erosion control, utility design and coordination, traffic control, and pavement marking plans for the replacement of Bridge No. 428 over a tributary of Richland Creek on Model Farm Road in High Point. The bridge was replaced in its existing location with two box culverts while traffic was maintained along an offsite detour. This municipal project was a federally funded bridge replacement and involved coordination with various agencies, including NCDOT.

The existing sanitary sewer runs beneath the bridge at stream level and was in conflict with the new proposed box culverts. WEI’s Civil/Site Group worked closely with the City of High Point and WEI’s Roadway and Hydraulics Departments on a solution to reroute the existing 15” sanitary sewer (which flowed east along Model Farm Road) to flow north along the tributary of Richland Creek (west of the new culverts) for approximately 250 LF before it turns east. Here it was bore and jacked beneath the tributary, emptying into an existing sanitary sewer manhole on the east side of the creek.

The utility relocation portion of this project involved the design of approximately 308 LF of new 16” Class 51 DIP and 240 LF of 8” SDR 26 PVC gravity sanitary sewer. The new 8” PVC sanitary sewer runs north along the east side of the creek, meeting the new 16” SS which was placed within a 30” steel encasement pipe flowing from the east side of the tributary beneath the stream. Both new lines meet at this point and connect to the existing 15” PVC SS. The project also included the replacement of approximately 450 LF of 8” Class 350 Restrained Joint DIP waterline, which was placed within a 16” steel encasement pipe and buried a minimum of 3’ below the existing creek bed.

Wetherill Engineering also provided construction engineering inspection services for this project.


City of High Point


High Point, NC


B-5358, Model Farm Road Bridge ReplacementB-5358, Model Farm Road Bridge ReplacementB-5358, Model Farm Road Bridge Replacement