Signal Pole Inspections

Transportation Planning

On-Call Bridge, Signal Pole and Culvert Inspections, Various Counties

WEI currently has an NCDOT NBIS On-Call Bridge Inspection contract, which began in 2011 and in June 2013 was extended to September 2014.  As of June 2013, we will have completed the inspection of 290 bridges, 370 signal poles which included strain poles and mast arm poles, and 11 pipes/culverts.   A field inspection and load rating analysis were performed for each of the municipal bridges.  The bridges included the following superstructures: double and triple barrel culverts and pipes, reinforced concrete deck on continuous steel plate girders, pony truss, timber decking joists and piles, prestressed precast concrete girders, prestressed cored slabs, reinforced concrete rigid frame, and reinforced concrete deck slab.  These inspections are being compiled using the NCDOT WIGINS format.