I-5700 Interchange Modifications


NCDOT Project I-5700 is the modification of the existing interchange of Airport Boulevard with I-40. The project’s purpose is to relieve traffic congestion and improve traffic flow along the proposed corridor. Its current design configuration is a partial clover interchange, which provides off-ramps in the northeast and southwest quadrants, on-ramps in the northwest and southeast quadrants, and an off-loop in the southeast quadrant.

Wetherill Engineering is studying three alternatives for the development of the Categorical Exclusion Document (CE). Alternative 1 is a Directional Diamond Interchange (DDI), Alternative 2 is the modification of the existing partial clover interchange, and Alternative 3 is a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI). Each design alternative requires the construction of a new structure over I-40 that provides for future expansion, as well as construction of an auxiliary lane between Airport Boulevard and Aviation Parkway. Access management will also be included along Airport Boulevard to assisting the relief of traffic congestion.

WEI and our subconsultants reviewed human and natural resources in the project vicinity to minimize disruption to human and natural resources while providing operational improvement. These studies involved the review of natural resources (Brier Creek), community, noise, and air studies. WEI, with assistance from NCDOT, is also coordinating pedestrian and public transportation along the project corridor. This coordination involves the Town of Morrisville, Wake County, GoTriangle and Raleigh-Durham International Airport.