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City of Raleigh Hydrology On-Call

While initially this contract was for hydrology services, WEI was also requested to prepare repair plans for a bridge and perform an emergency inspection of a culvert.

Daisy Street Drainage Improvements – The purpose of this project is to identify the cause, and recommend alternatives, to eliminate the localized flooding problem at a private residence.  The scope of services includes surveying, hydrologic analysis and design, and preparation of construction plans and contract bid documents.

Yorkgate Drive Drainage Improvements – WEI was brought in to assist the Engineer of Record to review structural drawings and calculations, review the stability of the rip rap slopes, and to redesign the top slab of the junction box.

Winthrop Drive Bridge Repairs and CEI – WEI performed an emergency inspection for the Winthrop Drive Bridge.  The 30 foot long, one span prestressed concrete channel beams showed major deterioration in the bottom legs with exposed and broken strands. This prompted an immediate road closure until further repairs had been made. After considering many options for repair, it was determined to replace the superstructure with cored slabs.   WEI surveyed, designed and prepared plans and specifications for the superstructure.   We will then provide construction inspection of the repairs.

Swift Drive Culvert Inspection – WEI performed an inspection of a 732 foot long culvert in conjunction with a proposed project.  There was evidence of structural failure in private residential yards.  In addition to the inspection, repair recommendations were prepared.

Professor Road Wall Assessment – WEI performed an independent assessment of a Gabion wall which had been installed by a property owner for bank stabilization.  Originally, the cost was to be shared by the City of Raleigh and the homeowner, however due to the fact that the wall was not installed to specifications, the City requested a review of its ability to address the original problem.

West Park Avenue Storm System – Hydraulic and hydrologic investigation and design to replace the terra cotta pipe in the storm system.

Drewry Lane (12353.06) – Hydraulic and hydraulic design and pipe repair plans for a culvert replacement and stream stabilization project.

Kaplan Drive – Managed the subconsultant to provide SUE services for a roadway project.

7601 Glenwood Avenue – Provided the review of a homeowners proposed improvements to construct a drainage system on their property.